December 1, 2010

Not a Fun Night for the First of December

Zoie and Puppies Day 6
Last night was a very restless night and almost 4 a.m. when I went to sleep. The reason wasn't because of Zoie and puppies, but teen daughter who decided to sneak out and take my car for a drive on a permit no less. The last time she did that was right before my return from graduation for my MFA at  Goddard College in Vermont. (At least I had a story published at All Things Girl, Everything Girl - can read it here:(An Interview with the Mother of Teenaged Girls or How My New Babemobile Came to be Dented ). 

I was not a happy camper then, and am not one now, but I'll get over it even though I finally broke down and replaced the rear tail light cover but not the dents (they are sort of a badge of surviving parenting). 

Then there was my husband who volunteered to sleep on the couch with Zach, the daddy of our new puppies because he has been crying a lot and between him and Zoie barking at each other - he couldn't sleep. The Vet recommended that we keep Zack away from Zoie and the pups for several weeks. 

Ziggy in Window
The Cats stay away any way, are content in their quarters (which is most of the house) so at least I don't need to worry about disrupting their daily routine. 

Dezzie in Bowl
Zack, though, is another story and I have been bringing him downstairs to my shop during the day just for peace - (I really didn't know that dogs could howl like that - it sounds like crying)! Any advice on taking care of a new Yorkie daddy who is extremely anxious about seeing his wife? 

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