December 29, 2010

Yorkie Puppies in Training

I am utterly and hopelessly in love . What to do . . . oh what to do?  My babies get cuter and cuter every day and each one is developing a personality. It sometimes seems as if they are trying to out do each other in capturing my attention. The minute I scrunch down and try to evaporate myself into their pen, the puppies converge on me and we intertwine. I am inundated with wet tongues and puppy breath.

They are trying to bark - funny little sounds that sound like a whoopee cushion on its last legs. And poor mommy Zoie - even though they are now on real puppy food, mom is still a desirable resource. She is so tiny and the puppies so big, Zoie can only stand up or sit to accommodated the crowd. This is hysterical to watch because the boy puppies lie on their back and roll back and forth, while the girl puppies are more sedate.

What is so amazing to watch is how their individual personalities are taking shape as well as their physical attributes. Their hair is growing fuzzier, sprouting in spurs, and they exude love. Its no wonder that I am hooked. Bring on the King-sized bed!

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