November 30, 2010

New Yorkie Pups Who are Chunky Dunks, Our First Vet Visit and Why We Did Not Have their Tails Docked

Today was an extremely stressful day, for me the human owner of five newly born Yorkies and their parents that is. I called he Vet first thing to make a specific appointment to bring Mommy Zoie and five Pups in to get checked, certified, and to make sure all were healthy, happy, and that if we needed to do more to ensure their health and growth as well as taking care of them correctly. I also scheduled to have "dew claws" removed and talk with the Vet about tail Docking, which, I was totally against. In fact my family - aka - husband and daughter were viciously against me until I showed them my research and web sites which are primed to encourage you to make the right decision for the right decision.

So here goes - tail docking is all about show dogs and not necessary for pets. In long haired dogs - it is suppose to offer more cleanliness in the poop area - which - I am sorry but doesn't make sense, because Yorkie show dogs still have a lot of hair and the tail has nothing to do with runny poop.

Chewie aka Chewbaca
The Dew Clew on the other hand, should be removed. and so Puppies will have this removed. Zoie too needs special attention to one claw from paw because while digging intensely at her burrow/whelp area, lost a claw.

We live about three minutes away from our Vet,. My husband drove while I held puppies in doggie bus, forgot Zoie's leash, and had to let her out of bus because I was afraid she would sit on pups. All the while my husband drove between 20 and 30 mph - well below the speed limit --- he said, "I didn't want to rock the boat with our precious cargo."

So after watching a troop of strangers take my babies away, we went back home and I spent a restless hour and a half while Zoie and her brood were at the Vet. In fact, I lifted my cel phone to my ear, shook it, and expected it to automatically call me. It did and it was Dr Gates who called  (really) right on time to say they are ready to go home and we were off.  

So this is what we found out -
We have a remarkable mommy Yorkie who is taking care of her Pups perfectly. In fact what we thought were two runts, are now considered chunky dunks. - We will need to devise a color coded way to identify them by their names (we probably shouldn't have named them because our bed is only queen size and my husband is actually saying it's time for us to get a new bed - is it possible to sleep with seven Yorkies in a King Size Bed?)

Back to what the Vet said . . .  I need to control my urge to feed Zoie people food, particularly Vanilla ice cream, make sure she eats a good puppy food - we give her Iams, and go home and lavish love on all are Yorkies, which of course is a piece of cake!

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