May 11, 2011

Double Exposure: Meet the Stoap Twins (Part One)

Meet Julianna and Marissa Stoap, the New Twin Secret Weapon(s) of Bravo’s Hit Reality TV Series, Million Dollar Listing (Part One)
The real estate market is in a funk everywhere yet Million Dollar Listing, now in its fourth season, is still a success despite the recession. The show really is not just about the glamorous high-end luxury properties of the market but inter-personal drama and the three “bad boys of real estate” who admittedly “will do anything possible to sell the dream.” Enter newcomer Josh Altman who replaced Chad Rogers and has an entourage of assistants, though crazy Mickey is his main man. Madison Hildebrand announced he was gay at the end of last season and takes on a straight female assistant named Heather. Then there is Josh Flagg who has his grandmother, the queen of polyester, famed Edith Flagg for advice, and who advises Josh to hire an assistant as long as he/she has clean fingernails. Josh decides two blonde heads are better than one and takes on two interns as opposed to one assistant. Read more at All Things Girl . . .