December 31, 2010

Tchotchkaholics Unite

 Do you love antiques and collectibles? Do you shop yard sales, tag sales and scour the newspaper for anything that may be older then you are? Do you fill drawers, closets, places and spaces under your bed and/or in corners where only dust bunnies may lurk? Does your family or those who love you dearly tell you when you proudly display your purchase, "Oh . . . that's a cute piece of crap."  Then, you my friend are a Tchotchke lover and most likely a Tchtchkaholic. Fear not . . . Come out of the closet (with) me and join one of the few places in the world where people like you and I can be free at last! You are not weird just because you have an obsession to buying what you love and few people in your inner circle appreciate. A Tchotchkaholic is someone who needs to join a group, such as; . . . You'll be a much better person for it!

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