December 16, 2010

How to Tell a Boy Yorkie from a Girl Yorkie

Puppy in Bowl

Having mastered the art of the weight scale and weighing small wiggly puppies I eased into a system for weighing them, which is to do the biggest first, then work my way down to the smallest. I had the puppies names down pat - Mizzy, a girl, is the biggest and Aggie, a girl, the littlest, which meant Lizzy is right in the middle. Then there is Macky who is bigger then Chewie, who is the smallest boy.

This past week has been one of daily developments. All puppies have their eyes opened, are sitting up, and are almost up on all four legs. But a few nights ago, after realizing that I couldn't put the puppies back into the crate because of re-weighing the same pup over again, the puppies began to move around their pen like speeding bullets. I needed reinforcements. "Kristen, Help!" I screamed. "Here hold Lizzy, while I weigh Macky."

"Mom, that's a boy puppy."

Yes, dear, I know Macky is a boy."

"No, mom, you said you were handing me Lizzy. This is Macky. Lizzy is in the bowl."

"What do you mean?"  I took the puppy back. umm  - perhaps it wasn't a belly button.

My daughter was kind enough to point out my mistake and then suggested that I either needed new eye glasses or a lesson in sex education. 

Hmmm I thought, so this is why the puppies weight changed from one day to the next. 

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