December 27, 2010

On Collecting Tchotchkes (which also rhymes with Yorkies)

Being possessed by a Yorkie is one of Life's impeccable joys!
-  by author unknown but most likely a  Tchotchkaholic

Mrs Santa Zoie 
Puppy Tchotchke
The other day while bending over the Yorkie puppy digs soon after feeding them their first real food, I saw several perfectly formed pieces of tiny poop. I turned to my husband and said, "Oh, Bud, look how cute their little poopie is!"

His comment was, "You're obsessed. You get excited about anything."

It is totally true - I am possessed and obsessed, partly because I am a confessed Tchotchkaholic. Since a Tchotchkaholic is addicted to collecting Tchotchkes (yes, it is also true that some crude people think of Tchotchkes as a "piece of crap"), and since the Yorkie does not take up much space in one's home, owners have a tendency to "stock up" on them (Yorkies no poop, okay so maybe . . .?)

Reindeer Daddy Zack

Tchotchke Yorkie Love Puppies
Even the Kennel Club book on Yorkshire Terriers offers, "It is very common for Yorkie enthusiasts to adopt two, three or even a dozen more Yorkies. The love and companionship that a single Yorkie can bring to an owner is multiplied and compounded daily with a whole collection of blue and tan babies."

Bring on the Tchotchke Yorkie Love Puppies!

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