December 7, 2010

Life, Breast Cancer, Dying, Elizabeth Edwards, and I Want a Cure

I am sadden by a death of a woman that I don't know except for her public image and tha I knew Elizabeth Edwards was fighting cancer and other damage of sorts created by her husband, John Edwards' scandal. When someone of such high profile dies of a disease targeted at women, we, women, or at least I, wonder why we can fly to the moon, cross the continent in brief hours, clean up oil spills that costs the world population billions of dollars, raise taxes, spend this money to bail out banks and automobile dealers and then spend even billions more on a fruitless war against known enemies we have isolated; but we can't fight the war on breast cancer even when the genes that mutates into cancer has already been isolated.

Rarely does the mutant gene attack males, but I venture to say if the gene did, there would be a cure.

My mother died of breast cancer, and my grand mother of cervical cancer.

I want a cure, not for me, but for my daughters and granddaughters and all my yet to be born female progeny. I want a cure for my sisters in life, for the women I know and have not yet met. I want a cure for the memory of those who died because there was not a cure.

No one wins in a war, but everyone wins if we can find a cure.

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