December 2, 2010

Who Pooped on my Bed?

Yorkies are supposed to be easily trained and ideal for living in high rise apartments. So, okay, my upstairs home is only one flight up, and 2400 sq ft but it is still an apartment. And, I do operate a business below where occasionally, I do bring one of my adult Yorkies to work with me.  So, why are we in turmoil here? We have a gated and fenced area outside our back door, we have healthy adults, some who are pudgy and could use exercise, and we also have potty pads. But, no one uses them. Okay, humans excluded (they do use a regular toilet (where one can say bye-bye if needed). So - today - new mommy Zoie is doing what she is suppose to be doing, licking and cleaning each puppy individually, and stimulating each puppy to well - poo and pee. ipso facto - life. Period end of discussion. So - why did today, I find numerous little tiny remnants of - poo --- all over my bed. Did Zoie bring her pups on the bed and did the pups poop? The bed is a very high Victorian and has a nice-sized dog jumping ottoman at the foot. I know Zoie would never deliberately have an accident; however, there were strangely teenier, tiny minute little droppings on my bed spread which is in the Que to be washed, after Zoie, the puppy hotel lining, blankets, and towels. Did my Zoie begin spoiling the pups or should I be concerned about another extremely small animal who pooped on my bed?

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