December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Puppies . . . What a day!

At 10:00 this morning (Christmas Eve) which also happens to be Bevie II's 20th Birthday, Kristen tells me the puppies have worms. Zoie has been having really awful poo and farting the past few days. I thought maybe it was her diet and held back on some of the extra goodies, but when Kristen made the announcement, I called the Vet. I'm glad that I did.
"Best to bring them all in," he said. So we collected the babies and Zoie in mass and left.
Yep - worms, including mom and all were treated. The Vet also said the babies were cute and healthy and to bring everybody back in two weeks for another treatment. He also said it is time to start weaning - mix Baby puppy food with rice cereal and water to form a mushy consistency. Put on a plate and let puppies at it because they like to play with their food. He cautioned not to leave the food on the floor for longer then thirty minutes. It took the five guys and girls all of ten!

They loved it!
What fun to watch!

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