December 18, 2010

Yorkie Puppies Potty Trained at Three Weeks

Yes, it is true and really amazing to watch. I should know, I have a ring-sized seat.

Let me explain because location is everything.

Zoie decided that she wanted to have her liter in my huge bathroom. During the weeks prior to the birth of said puppies, she had tried to dig a virtual hole in my bedroom floor. It was obvious that she nixed out the rest of the house and for a while, I thought that she was going to have the puppies in my bed, rather on my pillow, or my husband’s.

So, I made her a corner near the TV which she loves to watch; then set her bed, papers, towels, potty pads, and all the accoutrements needed for a spoiled Yorkie about to give birth. By the last two weeks of Zoie’s  pregnancy, she could no longer climb on to my bed so she took to the new location and her new cozy bed fine; but, she still hunted and dug.

The night before the births, I had a brain idea moment, and moved a cupboard from the bathroom and my husband made a box of sorts to fit – next to the empty space by the toilet – hence – why I get a ring sized seat to watch the puppies. The problem I have now is that EVERYONE wants to use my bathroom, even strangers who come to my shop, like today. A man claimed his car had broken down and AAA was on its way but it would be at least an hour --- could he please use my Yorkie bathroom? The fact that he said Yorkie bathroom was a dead giveaway - only those who read my blog, know where the puppies are.

“No.” I told him.

So back to Yorkie Puppies Potty Trained at Three Weeks – amazing but true story. The puppies have been slithering for more then a week, then sitting up, and waddling on all four legs, which is much like watching a human baby take its first steps. Babies though wear diapers, puppies don’t.

Not to gross anyone out, but puppy moms take care of their broods elimination needs – all of them; which, it becomes advisable not to kiss your puppie’s mother’s mouth. As the pups have gotten older – they are now seeking out the area away from their cuddly sleeping space and relieving themselves when necessary.

The key word is seek – the puppies actually seek out the area – said puppy training potty pad – and use it for what it was invented for! Is this not amazing or what? (or possibly do I and others set (sit) a good example? Sadly though, the puppies are growing and with so many humans and pups in my bathroom, it's beginning to be cramped.

So tomorrow Mommy and gang will be moving to their new digs in a much larger area next to the kitchen. They will have a separate play area, eating area, and sleeping area along with actual chairs where the humans can sit, or even lay on the floor and play with the puppies in comfort. 

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