December 21, 2010

Puppies New Digs

My bathroom is mine again. No more parade of humans wanting to see the puppies as they have a new home which includes sleeping area, potty area, play area, and a feeding area (though this changes at the whim of mommy Zoie). It took my husband the better part of the day to construct it and then de-construct it because the sides were not high enough to keep [the puppies] inside.

Both Zoie and Zack are jumpers, so the babies will most likely be jumpers. They climb over each other, on top of each other and mom, and on and off their bed and into their food bowls, which they are curious about. The bowls are empty now, but in a few days I will be starting them on a special puppy food, though Zoie will still be nursing.

Now that Zoie and puppies are out of my bedroom too, we are starting to alternate who gets to sleep in the big bed at night and Zack is happy again. Tonight we are going to ease Zack and Zoie back together (Zoie  hasn't wanted him to see the puppies yet), but the Vet said it would be alright once the puppies could stand, bark and have teeth. Their bark is more like a purr and the cutest sound, and their teeth are coming in like little razors.  

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