January 10, 2011

Strange Things Happening in the Yorkie Puppy Digs . . .Is there a Santa Yorkie?

Since we began to feed the puppies a gruel mixture based on our Vet's recommendation and weaning the pups from their mom, Zoie; there are strange things happening in the puppy digs, and in my bed. First their tiny puppy toys mysteriously found their way to my bedroom and on to my pillow. 

Then there were remnants of Zoie and Zack's food bowls in the puppies bed. There were often times during the night when one of my hands held small pieces of what looked like puppy food. Not to mention the regurgitation, which I saw tonight with my own eyes.  Zoie leaped into the puppy pen and without a sound, eased out of her mouth, undigested food. Not your normal dog vomit, but exactly the same consistency as the food we prepared for the puppies during the course of the past week. This has happened several times and Zoie was preparing to pick some up and place it in a puppies mouth.


But no, mother nature was only doing her job.

I kissed Zoie (irregardless of vomit breath, she is no longer cleaning bottoms of puppies for their elimination needs), then I thanked her, and told her she does not need to do this function anymore because the puppies were eating and eliminating fine. Very fine . . . no make that extremely fine (well, very formed and so cute). So Zoie left the pen with great agility I might add, even though  the puppies were attached to her;  they were randomly dropped off.

The new problem is that it seems that the puppies have inherited quite a few of their parent’s genes. The first noticeable trait is the tendency to stick out the tongue and cock ones head. The next is agility, and I am afraid, being a jumper. My bed is a four poster Victorian, and the height is well, just like Scrooge’s who needed a step ladder or stairs to climb into his bed.

We have an ottoman at the foot of the bed so that Zoie and Zack can climb up and down at their will to use potty or drink water and eat. Why should I be surprised when miniature genetic reproductions of the parents, began to exhibit like characteristics.

Such as a tongue hanging out and their head cocked. Or, lying on their back and exposing all for the world to see – this is very prominent in the male puppies – Mackie and Chewie for instance prefer to eat from mom, upside down. The girls have dignity – (sometimes), and prefer to just attack directly at the target, moving or otherwise.  

Less then two weeks ago, we had to raise the walls of the puppy digs because of curious and literally, head over heals puppies. A 14 inch “wall” should do it for a while, I was informed. NOT - It's one thing when one puppy is a climber, which, is why the bar, so to speak had to be raised, but today, there were two out of the pen. As I was counting, I spied Chewie, who at first sat and stared at me, then he cocked his head, stuck his tongue out, and proceeded to nimbly hoist his body on to a ledge, then gather strength and heave. I tried to catch him in the act but missed. 

I know that he grinned a me.

I looked down on the floor to see dark fuzzy forms scurry then hide beneath table and chair legs. 

Three puppies were loose.

There was nothing else I could do but lay spread eagle on the floor and open myself to being molested. . . . with puppy love.  . . . It worked and I called their names and they landed right on my face.  Many minutes later, I  placed them back into their digs, called my designer of the pen along with me husband (who is actually a plumber) and said, HELP.

“We need to redesign the puppy palace  and raise the walls, NOW.

Less then an hour later, my husband returned and raised the bar once again - to 19 inches high. 

Hmm . . . I think we may have a problem when I saw the puppies mother, Zoie, who is a jumper - fly over the newly constructed wall and inside the digs. She gave a high five leg - let the puppies connect - and then was gone in a flash.

Is Zoie a Santa Claus Yorkie?

And if not, then why did I find puppy toys in my bed, not to mention little puppy poo, chewed up tissue, and what looked, smelled, and tasted like dog food kernels? Wait a minute – puppy poo,  puppy food kernels . . . I did what? 

"Honey - We're not done yet," I screamed. "We need to change the rooms a little. I'm thinking of one long divider that stops at their bed, with an archway right in the middle of the two rooms so that the puppies can have a separate dining and play room that is separate and cordoned off  from their potty area. They also need a separate play area"


"What's the first thing that you do when you get out of bed?" - (followed by the 2nd and 3rd, which is potty, make coffee (drink) and eat.

Hmmm . . . my husband is a plumber . . . I wonder if he can design a puppy toilet?

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