January 4, 2011

Social Networking and Other Migraines

Me Blowing Up My Computer
I almost blew up my computer today, but I couldn't survive without the Internet. Then again my connection and home network suck although my cell phone downloads content from the Internet faster then a speeding bullet. I can give you stock quotes, twitter updates, the latest news second by nano second, and even make mysterious phone calls when not in use. Text messaging is out of the question because I can't type worth a darn and my laptop I use upstairs refuses to let me insert the letter "t". I am electronics ignorant.

Over the past week I have been making major changes to my Antiques in Bethania web site and have been using a new design program from Serif called WebPlusX4 as well as a new web host. So far both have uncomplicated the entire process for me and finally my web site is being indexed while providing me with some very detailed statistics.

At the same time Facebook decided to revamp its pages so did Twitter and God knows who else. Not to mention search engines and everyone screaming - add my button to your website and see your page ranking explode. Excuse me - I am a non-techie - techie but the sight of flashing drafts saved is driving me insane as are all the emails to the search engine submission pages. It's no wonder my page views suddenly jumped!  Just maybe though, my 2011 horoscope will come true and I will have my 15 minutes of fame. Instead of "Where in the Hell is Bethania, anyway?

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