January 21, 2011

Puppies, Potty Pads, Pet Smart, Play Pen, and Waiting for Personally Paws

Not to mention the poop, I am in deep "P's" figuratively and literally. With five puppies in training, the wet spots on the potty pads grew faster then the speeding bullets who made them. Eating four times a day, leaves another matter behind (also figuratively and literally). The puppies have begun teething and it seems the potty pads are an ideal pull toy. We change the potty pads at about the rate of two per hour. I was hoping that the washable potty pads I ordered from Personally Paws two weeks ago would arrive today. It turns out my online Yorkie buddies said you should have ordered from Piddle Pads.com.

Bud the Plumber was putting his coat on just as I was heading to refill my coffee mug. " I need to make a Pet Smart run. How many should I get? Fifty?"

"Nope, that's how many we went through yesterday." As if he didn't know - he takes at least two or three bags outside to the big garbage can a day. "They need more chew toys," I added. "Oh, and more IAMS."

"I just bought a case."

"That was Saturday."

The puppies continue to get bold and daring. Today marks the end of weaning as the puppies are eight weeks old and Zoie is now just content to sit and watch from her custom made perch above the puppy palace. The two littlest, Chewie and Aggie are climbers and daredevils - they both climb up  and on to post then hang on the ledge. It may be that Bud the Plumber will need to raise the bar again on the puppy palace's border. One would think that 19" would hold a much larger puppy in - not so with Yorkies, they fly over the smaller board as if they were birds.

We also need a bigger play area because the puppies have definitely out grown the laundry basket which is where I put them when everyone leaves when I ask for help cleaning out their digs.
Bud the Plumber returned with the truck. An hour later the Pet Smart haul was finally unloaded. I took the keys from his hand. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"To Toys R Us. We need a play pen - one that easily folds, is made of mesh, is washable, can be wheeled anywhere, and is big enough for five puppies."

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