January 16, 2011

Cleaning the Puppy Palace and Why Pet Smart and IAMS Love Us

Those of you who have not yet invested in either Lowes Hardware or Pet Smart are definitely missing out on cashing in on Bud the Plumber. At least until he finishes making a king size bed or the washable puppy pads I ordered online, come in.

First, I was lied to from an expert on raising puppies and who wrote a book. He said, a puppy at the age of seven weeks only needs to eat four times a day and will eliminate ten times a day. This is not true - neither part. Today I have gone through one box of tissue, one roll of paper towels, one roll of toilet paper, twenty potty pads, four cans of puppy food, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. The puppies on the other hand have gone through four bowls of dry food (okay so most of the food  is scattered throughout the puppy palace), three giant plates of soft canned food mixed with other recommended goodies, several bowls of water, and two dozen puppy wipes. It is only late afternoon.

I turn to Bud the Plumber who is watching the last moments of the Bears romping Seattle, "We're almost out of puppy potty pads."  

"I'll go get my car keys."

My husband, Bud the Plumber, frequents Pet Smart as much as Lowes. We have on at least one occasion met at Pet Smart, unknowingly.

"What are you doing here?" I ask just as he slinks down the aisle of puppy toys.

"Oh, nothing. Just checking out the sales and besides I had to go to Lowes" (which is right around the corner from Pet Smart).

"You could have checked the newspaper. What's that in your cart?

Oh, nothing."

Yeah right - cases of IAMS canned puppy food and giant bags of  kibble. Not to mention the assorted toys, rawhide chew bones, and stacks of puppy potty pads.

Not to be out done, "What are you doing here?" says Bud the Plumber and looks around and down the aisle.

"Nothing," and quickly take off my coat. "It's hot in here don't you think?" Thankfully, I left my cart around the

Just as I was about to say -"I'll see you at home, two Pet Smart employees come around the corner.

"Oh - Hi Mr and Mrs Bud the Plumber. Mrs Bud the Plumber, you left your cart - would you like me to take it to the check-out counter for you?" (His eyes strangely look like dollar signs).

"Thank You.,"  with a sigh. "The puppies will just love their new toys.

Bud the Plumber begins to unload his cart as the young man turns to the woman behind me and says to her - "He'll take you at the next register, we're going to be a while here."

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