January 11, 2011

The Ever Evolving Yorkie Puppy Palace and Why Lowes Loves Us

Last night I had another brilliant idea about the puppy digs - what if they really did have more rooms? The plan was to give the puppies a separate potty area and a separate play and dining area. I sketched my design, argued with my husband, who finally gave in. So first thing this morning even though schools were closed due to snow, Bud the plumber braved the wintery cold and went to Lowes for more wood.

A few hours after hubs returned, I called for reinforcements and we piled the group into a laundry basket. After securing the long section with an arched doorway wide enough to let two puppies through at a time, I said, "It won't work."

"Why?" said Bud the Plumber.

"Because it's too wobbly by the bed and the pups are getting heavy. They may push it and get pinched."

As usual hubs wanted to make it more complicated. "No, No, No, It won't work," I told him, and then I had another brilliant idea. The smaller board he had just removed would fit by the puppy bed perfectly and give the room support. Reluctantly, he agreed.

Mommy Zoie eyed what we were  doing, was anxious at first, but then looked at me as if to say, "Hmmm, not bad."

One by one the puppies were placed into their newly renovated digs, and one by one, each puppy left his/her mark on the newly laid potty pads. It was dinner time and the sweet aroma of a freshly prepared platter of gruel enticed them into their play area and dining room.  It was a mass attack and the group dove into the dish.

One minute later I removed the giant plate and mat, replaced smaller dry food and water bowl with plenty of room for the group to play with toys and each other.

Zoie had other ideas, jumped over the wall. The enticing scent of mommy's milk led puppies to leave the play and food area, quickly leave another trail of wet spots, then attack mommy in mass.

One minute later, Zoie abruptly left and the group settled down for a short winter's nap.  

Bud the plumber said, "I think I'll go down and clean up my mess," (which is a first - weeks later I'm still cleaning up after his projects).

I stood and eyed the new facilty. Hmmmmm . . . . "Bud . . . wait. What if there was an archway to allow the puppies to enter the play and dining room from their bed? This way we can really potty train them"

He thought for a minute, "Ill be back."

In no time he fashioned an archway from left over board with the idea of taking the wall by the bed down and opening it up. "It has potential," I told him, "but i needs more work.

"Okay, I'll be back."

Hmmmmm I thought as I mulled over the idea. "Wait." I screeched. "What if you just get another board and make the section just like you did only make two archways so the puppies can have another entrance and exit?  

Lowes just loves us!

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