January 25, 2011

Five Times Three Equals Fifteen Pounds of Puppy Love

Yesterday, Bud the Plumber and I slyly shut Zack and Zoie in their room then packed Mackie, Mizzie, Lizzie, Chewie, and Aggie in two carriers and took them to the Vet for their second de-worming. The Vet was prepared for us and a parade of attendants came to get the puppies in the pouches.

The puppies caused quite a stir, everyone had to look. "Who's Who?" they asked.

Because Bud the Plumber and I had only four hands between us when we packed the puppies, I had to randomly get a furry moving target, so I peeked in the blue bag first.

"Chewie and Aggie. I think you'll be able to tell who's who - Chewie is a boy, Aggie is a girl. That means Mackie, Mizzie and Lizzie are in the black bag. Mackie is a boy, and Mizzie has a little white on her chest and is the biggest girl, which means the last pup is Lizzie."

Off they went and left me to pace the waiting room floor. Less then fifteen minutes later the parade returned.

"What are you feeding the puppies?" asked the Vet.

"IAMS puppy canned food and dry mixed four times a day. Plus all the dry food they can play in."(I thought I saw dollar signs fluctuating while simultaneously a half of a dozen people, picked up their cell phones and distinctly said, "Buy IAMS."

In the mean time the Vet asked, "Where do you purchase IAMS?

"Pet Smart."

The Vet turned to me with eyes (that once again strangely resembled $'signs).--- "You should cut down to three mixed bowls of food a day,"  then I was handed  papers which included the processes for this day's visit at our Vet.

Back home the puppies were once again settled in their puppy palace, Zack and Zoie let out of their room, and all was well once again, sort of, after the barking, kissing, and potty pad frenzy. 

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