November 11, 2010

I Am The American Spirit

When God formed the earth, the waters, 
the clouds in the sky,
When God formed man and woman,
When God formed the beast and food for all to feed upon,
God formed a silent wind
To lie in wait throughout many ages
And gather strength, and life, and love
In the hopes that one day
Mankind would live without hate,
And as the tides flow and ebb in the great seas,
Learn to live in a world that was free

I am the American Spirit
I was born in the hearts and minds of men, women, and children,
long before I was named.
At first, they called me the red man and I was a native,
Born in this land,
Then ships came, bringing many people,
From far off shores,
They wore strange clothing
And many spoke in foreign tongues,
They worked and toiled,
They dug deep into my soil,
In the richness of the dirt, they buried deep,
Their roots, their loved ones, until
They themselves became one with me.

I am the American Spirit
I became an immigrant nation
Settled by people
From far off shores,
Who sought a better life,
Freedom of political oppression,
Freedom to practice their religion
Freedom to seek adventure and opportunity
And in the richness of the soil,
I buried deep, roots, that meshed and intertwined
And took hold,
And began to sprout,
Buds and blooms of faith, and hope,
And as I grow, my spirit become one with the earth
The sky, the moon, and the sun

I am the American Spirit,
I hold these truths to be self evident
That I was conceived in Liberty,
And dedicated to the proposition, that
All men were created equal,
My creator did endow me with certain unalienable rights,
And that among these are
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
Freedom was my right, only others
Wished to suppress it and hold my allegiance
To far off lands that I left  to establish
My domestic tranquility,
I became the United States Of America

I am the American Spirit,
I grew bold and strong from the hearts and
Minds of real men and women,
In the year of seventeen and seventy six
I was born from thirteen states
Into a new nation under God
And established a constitution,
To form a more perfect union,
To establish justice
To insure domestic tranquility
To provide for the common defense
To promote the general welfare
To secure the blessings of liberty
To ourselves and our posterity,
I became We the people

I am the American Spirit
I now was visible for all to see
From cloth of red, and white, and blue
Stars and stripes were formed,
Red for valor and bravery
White for purity and innocence
Blue for vigilance, perseverance, and justice
I was given stars to signify the Heavens above
And the divine role that man has aspired
Since time immemorial.
I was given stripes for the rays emanating from the sun.
And though through the years I have had many changes,
I have emerged, stronger, as I became
The American Flag and I stand
For Liberty.

I am the American Spirit
I was born in the hearts and minds of men and women,
And through the years from then until today,
I have known heartache and loss,
I have battled brother against brother,
In a house divided,
I have turned my back on darkened skin,
I have held my women at bay,
I have struggled internally against my own
My own oppressions,
My own weaknesses,
And because of this, blood has been shed for me,
Yet when I stand there, sometimes tattered and torn,
I am still the spirit of Freedom, that is American born.

I am the American Spirit
For in God we do trust,
My land is a free land,
For those who hunger and thirst for air to breathe free,
I lend them a hand, in the spirit
That has become me,
So that maybe one day, others may be,
Conceived in liberty,
And dedicated to the proposition that,
All men, all women, no matter what the color of their skin,
The language that they speak,
The religion that they worship,
Are equal, in liberty and in peace for all.

And, I am the American Spirit,
I am the American Flag,
I fly beneath spacious skies
And over amber waves of grain,
I fly from mountain tops, from hills and valleys and plains,
From the New York harbor,
To the Gulf Stream waters,
From the Atlantic to the Pacific,
My colors remain constant, red white and blue,
RED, for the blood of many heroes shed,
WHITE, for freedom’s light still shining bright; and
BLUE, for the courage to stand tall and true!

I am the American Spirit,
And I hold these facts to be self evident,
As American as hot dogs, ice cream, and home made apple pie,
Freedom is why we celebrate
The Fourth of July
That America is Beautiful,
And as Old Glory
Forever waves in the azure sky,
Let freedom ring, let freedom ring,
For the home of the brave
And the Land of the Free,
May God Grant us all Peace.

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