November 5, 2010

United Confederate Veteran Ribbon Forsyth County, NC 1898

UCV Ribbon 1898
Value $350.00

I have stacks and boxes of Ephemera, papers, memorabilia and because I am a hoarder of said items, I often forget what I have. Case in point is this U. C. V, ribbon which stands for the United Confederate Veterans and which, I unearthed a few days ago. I wish I had it with me last week I had the pleasure of speaking to the Forsyth County chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

My research for my book, Bethania: The Village by the Black Walnut Bottom, covered 250 years and I had to write this history within the confines of word count. One of the most difficult and challenging chapters I wrote was concerning the Civil War years and slavery. This was primarily due to the original documents, diaries, letters and papers I have and used which painted a very powerful picture of this dark era in our American history. I have a great deal of material that I did not use and which I hope to incorporate into another book. But back to this ribbon. I knew that it was local because along with it was another ribbon from a local estate and then I began to google. Wikipedia stated that prior to 1899, the organization did not exist on a national level though there were some local and regional levels. This ribbon bears the date May 10th, 1898. Significantly May 10th commemorates Andrew Jackson's death as well as the day on which North Carolina recognized as the Confederate Memorial Day. The year 1898 signifies the year prior to the national organizing of the UCV which was active until the 1940s. THE REPUBLICAN - a local Winston (now Winston-Salem) paper had this to say of the first Confederate Memorial Day Celebration:

Winston NC May 10, 1898
April 28, 1898:  10th of May Exercises - Norfleet Camp of Confederate Veterans met at the Armory one night the past week. There was a creditable turnout.  A committee was appointed to revise the roll  members and put the camp in first class condition.  A committee was appointed to select an orator for the 10th of May exercises.  Also to assist the Daughters of the Confederacy in providing dinner for the veterans.  Those of the latter both in city and county, in good standing who have not joined the Camp, are earnestly requested so to do at once.  Application for membership should be handed to either T.J. Brown, commander, S.H. Smith, adjutant, or Z.T. Bynum, Secretary.  It is hoped there will be a good attendance on the 10th of May.  


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