November 28, 2010

Zach and Zoie's Puppies Day 2

I had to rearrange the whelping arrangements because Zoie's bed was just not conducive to moving around puppies - they kept sliding into the ledge around the bed. So I tried the box with the blankets and papers and Zoie hated it. She's used to sleeping in a comfortable human bed with lots of room - the box was definitely too crowded for Zoie and five nursing babies and of course my bed is not the place for puppies, a least until they are much older . Off to Pet Smart, I found the perfect solution, at least until puppies get bigger and more active and then it's find a baby plastic swimming pool. The bed I found is therapeutic and with the heating pad beneath, we have some very contented Yorkies. Having new puppies is like having a new baby, really. I needn't worry about Zoie because she is perfectly relaxed, tending the babies and doing everything that comes naturally.
The babies are plumping up and doing their puppy thing too. But just to be safe I got a postal scale and will track their weight. I probably should weigh Zoie to - she is getting extra food and is becoming addicted to Vanilla ice cream (it's full of calcium and wet) and canned soft puppy food, as well as being hand-fed.

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