November 27, 2010

Zoie and New Puppies

Zoie's Babies
Boy and Girl
Zoie and Zach, our Yorkies, are the proud new mommy and daddy of two boys and three girls. Zoie went to the Vet yesterday morning and then went into labor a little after four. We had an Xray taken so knew that we should prepare for five puppies with one pointed in the wrong direction. He happened to be the first and was difficult and a little scary, but Zoie was a trooper. Thankfully we had Leya here to help with the delivery - her grandma is a breeder and so Leya was a God send. The rest of the pups came less then thirty minutes a part and all were cleaned and taken care of by mommy Zoie. This was an amazing experience to watch. I feel so protective and must contain myself from disturbing them.
Zoie and Zach

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  1. Congratulations to Zoie and Zach. 5 puppies, how wonderful. I know you must be overjoyed, Bev. Thanks for sharing.