August 25, 2010

Back to School Blues

Bethania High School
I am spiraling downward,
traveling backwards through
hallways of cinder block,
white-washed walls with
tattered banners, ancient
posters scattered here and there.

Memories corrode my psyche,
lockers open then quickly shut,
soft kisses behind metal doors,
thundering echoes,
remembering heartbeats of youth,
rushing scuffling feet.

Marching to tunes
embedded in minds
full of dreams,
tomorrows yet to come
different drums that beat
to passion long ago lost in flame-tipped heat.

Lanky legs,
arms and hands
grappling beneath a Madras shirt,
making promises we would not keep
could never keep..
except for remembering you,
weeping for
my old high school friend.

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