August 27, 2010

Antique Kitchen Eye Candy

One of my favorite kitchens was in the gentleman farmer's estate we restored in DeKalb, Illinois. The home was a big rambling brick former mansion with many out buildings on 3 acres of land and sat on the outkirts of town in the middle of corn fields. We loved it and had just completed my dream bathroom when my company wanted to move us to California, which, we did - but only long enough to buy high, sell low, and move on to North Carolina.

I filled the kitchen in DeKalb with antiques from floor to ceiling. I'm glad that i did because when I left the corporate world for good, these antiques helped me to initially supply my antique shop in Bethania, North Carolina.Many of my antiques are enjoining new homes elsewhere. This is the way it should be, recycling at its finest, preserving the past while giving pleasure to the future.

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