October 29, 2011

Thieves in the Night and Reward for Stolen Statues

Stolen Statues
Stolen Grecian Lady Statue

So we put up more lights including motion detectors. Lights even go on inside and in the room above over-looking the front of my building. We even have seven Yorkie watch dogs, and a daughter whose two rooms are in the front of the building.

Empty Spaces

More Empty Spaces

So somebody needed them perhaps to sell at a flea market so they can make money. Or sell them to customers because the thieves are yard workers, or avid gardeners. One thing for certain, they are local and they drive a truck or van. All totaled they stole over $1500.00 worth of statues.
Even More Empty Space

I hope they are caught and get their just due.

More Empty Space

Empty Places
As for me, I am offering a reward for their safe return. But I doubt it - thieves are thieves after all.

A List of the Gone But Not Forgotten
1. Grecian Lady approx 4 ft tall
2. Pair (2) of Victorian Maple Leaf / Pineapple Statues about 65 pounds each - sand painted.
3. Light House Bird Bath - Silver, black, Red
4. Giant Stork/Heron Statue
5. Red Gnome/Elf
6. Easter Island Statue
7. Maui Head
8. Planter with Evergreen
9. Frog Statue
10. Tiered Frog Bath
11. Victorian planter
Giant Green Frog as seen on the upper right side of picture.


  1. Gosh, I am so sorry for your loss! My fingers are crossed that the items will be found, if not the thieves. Guess those Watch Yorkies were sleeping on the job!

  2. Do you know anybody that has interest in pre-colunmbian pottery? I have a bowl I am interested in getting appraised/selling. thank you