June 2, 2011

Double Exposure: Meet the Stoap Twins (Part Two) by Bev Hamel

Give us your “elevator speech” about who you are besides being the Stoap Twins of Million Dollar Listing fame.
We are definitely individuals with unique personalities who happen to be best friends and love working together! Marissa is sort of the communicator, because both in real estate and in our personal lives she is the social butterfly. She loves making the calls, doing the planning, and getting people together for business or for fun! Julianna is super tenacious, she’s the negotiator. Julianna never takes no for an answer and is always coming up with creative ways to take our careers to the next level. Not to mention her ability to get us through any door or to the front of any concert without fail! We were raised on real estate by our parents, who have been top-producing Realtors for nearly 20 years. After getting our degrees from USC, we found that real estate was definitely in our blood… and that we loved the idea of pursuing a career together where we could achieve an unlimited amount of success. After all, you are your own boss in real estate, and the sky is the limit! What sets us apart from other agents is that you really do get two for the price of one! We each bring individual skills to the table and are an unstoppable team. Also, we are extremely hands on with our clients and extremely communicative. We take every phone call (seriously, at all hours!) to make sure the people we work with feel comfortable and know exactly what’s going on. We also have a rare combination of elements in our business: We’re young with fresh, creative ways of marketing and demonstrating the exciting lifestyle each listing can offer, coupled with a great deal of knowledge, several years experience, and literally growing up hearing about and learning about real estate every day. Read More at All Things Girl . . .

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