February 8, 2011

Why I Have The Yorkie Puppy Blues

The puppies are ten and a half weeks old now and I get sadder by the minute because I must let some go to new homes. I and my husband have become so attached. Our nightly ritual is to put the gates up, bring out the snake ball tunnel, then bring puppies out of the palace. The atmosphere is mayhem as well as a mass puppy kiss attack. The littlest, Aggie, who is on the far right, is a clown. She may be small, but she has no qualms about chasing after her bigger brothers and sisters.

Daddy Zack prefers to watch from outside the gates when the puppies are  out. Mommy Zoie has as much fun as the puppies. I really don't know how she is going to take letting her puppies go. She actually sits on her perch above the place and nods her head up and down to make sure all the puppies are there. My daughter Kristen is taking Mizzy. So I know one will be going to a good home and Kristen has promised to bring Mizzie over often.

Aggie and Chewie are going to stay with us. Mackie and Lizzie are why I have the Yorkie puppy blues. Wouldn't you too if you had to choose?
Chewie, Mizzie, Mackie, and Lizzie


  1. Oh my I so want a pup....do you want to visit Connecticut?

    Kitsch n Stuff

  2. WOW, Bev...they're adorable...so tiny...I need a pet and I need it now!