October 23, 2010

I Antique Online

Last year I stumbled upon this great web site even though its been around for several years called I Antique Online. I didn't visit it very often until a few months ago and found that it had grown by leaps and bounds. The site is sort of a conglomeration of antique shops, dealers, collectors, experts, newbies and everything and anything you could imagine that has to do with world of antiques and collectibles. There are numerous groups that you can join within the site itself and one of my favorite and most addicting is  Debsgreatfinds's group Guess what this is . I was really floored by some of the items that had been posted such as this unusual object from my new friend Dempsey Collectibles  in Webster, Florida. The object is called Ant Art - made by ants, at least the mold and then brass was poured to make the object itself - pretty cool!   The editor and webmistress for the site is C. Dianne Zweig and she is the author on several great books on collecting.  So pop in and visit and find why it is so easy to get hooked on I Antique Online!

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