July 17, 2010

Things to do when it Rains Cats and Dogs in North Carolina on a Saturday . . .

Thunder rolled in early this morning and Zack and Zoie refused to let me sleep. Between wet kisses, anxious barking, cracks of lightning followed by loud thunder rumbling, the pups forced me into alertness. This was a pure ruse and underhanded tactics; the moment I got out of bed, Zack and Zoie climbed beneath the covers so my bed did not get made today. Besides my precious Yorkie puppies in training had already buried a dozen or more toys beneath the covers.

The cats were equally anxious and now there is a bit of a party going on upstairs of the shop. I hear thunder running down the halls, growls above my desk area, and definite hisses and yelps. The other humans have already left to attend to their typical Saturday routine, shopping, movie store, and the home improvement center.

Saturday mornings are usually quiet when I first open the shop, with the exclusion of noisy animals from above. Rain and gloomy skies tend to make the day drag by. Not so, I said to myself, not when my Benny Carter gourds hang above my head. Very few items are not for sale in my shop, and Benny's heads are two of them (actually Benny only has one real head).

I fell in love with Benny Carter and is Folk Art the same year I opened my antique shop. I've been an aficionado of Folk Art all my life and feel this venue has a place in the world of antiques and in decorations for the home. Eclectic is the word, and bon-a-fide conversational pieces.

I met Benny at an auction he had at his home just up the road a piece from me. I rate his auction as one of my all time favorites - I stayed until the very end, had to make several trips to haul off my goodies, and it was midnight before we were finally finished.

Even to this day people tell me about the pieces they bought and delight in at looking at every day. 
Benny Carter is quite famous now, his Folk Art work hangs in galleries and homes across the country. Although Folk Art is not for everyone's taste, it's fun to look at when it's raining cats and dogs on a Saturday and you have nothing else to do.

You are always welcome to Bethania, North Carolina, stop in and say hi, or just browse for a while and stay dry. 

I welcome small dogs, humans of all sizes and ages, and even frogs.

May the force of the frog be upon you. "Brekekekex koax koax!"

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